Monday, May 06, 2013


our screen-free week was pretty successful. it is always a good exercise - and i am always impressed how easy it is for the girls. (and i look forward to a relatively screen-free summer just around the corner!) i'll admit, it was hardest for me. with the spring fire developing at the end of the week i found myself drawn in to following its path. as it neared friends and favourite spots i couldn't look away.

i am relieved to hear it wasn't started by arson. nor was there any loss of life or homes. but i can't help but wonder what this landscape we know so well now looks like. the fire tore through one of our favorite camping spots. by fate, this year, we have booked our annual adventure to a nearby campground that went untouched by the fire. but we will be visiting "old sycamore" as soon as we can...


corbin palms campout 2010

campout 2011

campout 2012

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rebecca said...

i love those misty desert hills. you know it will look different, but i'd imagine there will be plenty of beauty to be found in the changed landscape and the new growth that emerges sooner than one would expect. how lucky that you reserved in another campground this year?! visiting mt. saint helens when the park opened post-erruption was an eye-opening experience. so much ash and trees like fallen toothpicks. but there was surely great beauty in the desolation, and how fun and curious to see bits of life emerging from such devastation. putting myself in your shoes, i know it would be so difficult to see our beloved neighborhood campout at waldo lake changed in such a way, and yet it is surely a possibility like anywhere else.