Thursday, May 23, 2013

in deep

it is that time of the year where the weeks are just flying and the calendar is packed with endings. last violin recital; last pta meeting; last...

into the blue

last week i took a stand-up paddle board lesson. i have been dreaming of an SUP for a long time now, with visions of me paddling around the island with girls in tow. the lesson cemented the dream. it was even better than i expected. amazingly peaceful (even on a day of choppy seas that took us much further out from shore than i anticipated). dolphins. sunshine. salty air. and a great workout too. i spent just over 2 hours paddling back and forth along the santa monica shore. i stood up. i fell down. i stood up again. it was a great morning.

next time the girls will be joining me. i was just talking to friend about kids and self-esteem. i think especially for girls (or maybe just because that is what i know best) it is so important to think about. and i truly believe that modeling behaviour and providing strong role models is the best way to go. strong and smart.

the next two weeks are chock full. i'm away for 1/2 of it to take in an opening at the british museum and visits to exhibitions at the jewish museum, and over to chichester and pallant house. while it is always a pull for me to be away, i am excited. i am looking forward to walking the streets of a favorite city and staying in one of my favorite homes.

before that we will be meeting up with dear friends we do not see often enough. and after that... the last day of school is circled boldly on the calendar. we are all looking forward to summer: birthday celebrations, horse camp a visit from gram and escaping to our refuge.

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