Tuesday, October 02, 2012



just finished week 5 on my c25k adventure. i am loving it more than i imagined. i ran straight for 20 minutes today. something i have never done before. ever. my marathon-running-friends just smile and nod when i tell them.

e and i had a chat today about adjectives we would use to describe ourselves. i said i wouldn't describe myself as athletic. she said she disagreed saying of course i am. i'm going to run a 5K! {and she wants to run it with me.}

then she said she wouldn't describe herself as active. but she would describe herself as energetic. and bookish. i told her i'd describe her as active. and smart. and funny. and kind.

and energetic. and bookish.

does athletic mean athlete? or strong? flexible? energetic?

labels are interesting things. something i try and stay away from. adjectives on the other hand seem a little less rigid. words that describe things. it comes back to that idea of "strong and smart".

those words can mean so many things.

* * * * *

on a related note, i'm looking for a new play list to run by. any suggestions are welcome. thanks.


rebecca said...

yay for running and feeling great! i've been getting into it too, though i think we've taken about 5 weeks to get to the end of week 3... hmmmm. i am feeling good about those "run for 3 minutes" blocks, and usually am not ready to stop when the time is up.

unfortunately, jeff "felt something pop" last week, so he's joined the boys at being my pace setters on bikes. i am NOT running as fast as they ride, but they go slow and turn around a lot so i can catch up. it's going well. too bad you and i can't run together.

amy h said...

I only run in spurts while walking, but lately I love Santigold on my exercise playlist. I've also been throwing in some Nine Inch Nails for old time's sake.

this single spark said...

how did i miss that 5k post?!? that's awesome! some songs....

1. paper planes - m.i.a. (seems like it should be too slow but the beats are perfect for me)
2. clap hands - beck
3. i only want you - eagles of death metal
4. in the beginning - k'naan
5. everybody's gonna be happy - kinks
6. stadium love - metric

i've also got some rancid, ramones, operation ivy, distillers and madonna on my mix.

as for athletic, i would totally describe myself that way even though i'm no athlete. i actually used that word in reference to myself about a month ago and o said really? you're not really athletic. was a smidge offended. i ride my bike and walk everywhere. haven't done so lately, but i ski, play soccer.... i run. lift weights. take yoga. have started swimming again. how is that not athletic?!? you should definitely be thinking of yourself as athletic. you're RUNNING! woohoo!

Tracy said...

thank you ladies.

and c - i hold you partially responsible for this ;) xoxo

BunkleLife said...

"All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts" - Cave Singers
"No Pussy Blues" - Grinderman
"Whale" - Yellow Ostrich
"Gun has no trigger" - Dirty Projectors
"Train in Vain" - The Clash
"Giant" - The The (oooh ya, hello 80s!)

Good on ya, girl. I'm no runner (thanks, lower back), but I'm a damn speedy nordic walker :)