Tuesday, October 09, 2012


all of us are seeking balance over here. i find we all need a period of readjustment when new and big change comes to town. (this time my return to only working from home. )

k got this yo baby kick flipper back on her birthday along with a "real" skateboard. its a great tool for getting down the tricks before she hits the wheels. (and it is local, from right here in the valley!)

she's determined to conquer some tricks. she's got her 180 down. and has set to work on her ollie.




it felt like fall had arrived yesterday. and there is talk of rain. the yard and garden would be so happy. but i'll believe it when i see it.


BunkleLife said...

Rain predicted here by the weekend, the first significant rain in at least two months. We need it too - but the problem is that once it starts, I know it WON'T STOP...sigh.

welcome, endless grey days.


this single spark said...

well, we've got snow predicted here, so....

(though i actually really like snow!)

Tracy said...

I could go for some snow ;) xo