Thursday, October 25, 2012

back in berlin


straight from the airport to a lecture to a reception and now to my hotel.

i'm back here for a week - taking in a symposium - and staying to celebrate what would have been a birthday.

{on an alec baldwin kick, i watched to rome with love and rock of ages. he's that good.}


BunkleLife said...

Symposium looks fantastic - and a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.

And Alec Baldwin is fantastic. Brilliant sense of comic timing, always. Let me know what you think of Rock of wasn't on my list but maybe it should be ;)

Tracy said...

it was terrible jan! but baldwin pulled me through ;)

(and an unhealthy nostalgia for 80s power ballads.)

i won't "not recommend" it - but be warned... xo

leslie said...

I loved to rome with love, saw it on my trip back from london. i thought it was so clever and i was totally engrossed the entire movie which rarely happens to me! have a great time in berlin!! i'm glad i'm not the only one taking trips without the family, it sure is an interesting experience wouldn't you say? i think its a good thing for everyone and you feel emotions you might not feel if you never got the chance to explore the world alone, even for just a brief time. it also makes you WANT to be super close to family when you return... not sure what i am trying to say but i think you know what i mean. :)

Tracy said...

i know EXACTLY what you mean leslie xo