Sunday, September 15, 2013






7 girls
a scavenger hunt at the mall (apparently 12 yr old bliss!)
pizza, karaoke, cake, karaoke
feet in the pool
a best-friend to stay-up too late with
a birthday breakfast
take out from her favorite indian restaurant for dinner


this is going to be good.


rebecca said...

happy birthday, e! that last photo is really nice... a little bit young a little bit older. ah, time.

house on hill road said...

happy, happy birthday! 12 is huge.

BunkleLife said...

Ahh 12. Endings and beginnings - for all involved ;). Happy Birthday (and that last photo is stunning)

Niko Consulting said...

what a stellar group of shots Trace
well done

Niko Consulting said...

happy birthday E!

Tracy said...

thanks friends. xo

colleen said...

love your los angeles poster. would you be able to tell me where you found it? thanks!

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks colleen! details here: (and looking back it is shocking how much it has faded. still love it though!)

rebecca said...

Faded poster… indeed! I was checking tonight (searched "los angeles poster" on the blog) to see if your dining nook table was square or round and noticed the color change in the poster. Crazy that the ink started out dark red!

Why did I wonder about your table, you ask? I'm playing with the idea of buying another house in our neighborhood and spending too much time doing the furniture arranging game with grid paper and little furniture shapes. It sucks up HOURS of time!