Monday, September 09, 2013





i spent the morning being interviewed by a design-group from an automaker interested in learning about the tastes of people on "the edges" of their demographic. it was mainly focused on our home. what we filled it with, how we found the things in it, and what their importance was in our lives. it was an exercise in self-reflection and i found the questions on the concept of "luxury" most interesting. is luxury important to me? what do i think of when i think of luxury?


something to pass down to future generations.

well-made things that will last forever.

and travel. (it doesn't have to be luxurious travel! but travel is a luxury i would like to do more of as a family.)

how does that translate to a car? i'm not really sure.

they mentioned a trend in re-defining luxury. no longer big homes. no longer the "best". it sounds like meaningfulness is finding a place there. so interesting.

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