Wednesday, September 25, 2013


view from the top of the mountain this a.m.

started my 44th year with a good hike, on a perfect morning, with a great friend. (thank you for the birthday endorphins!)

i must say, 43 feels good. (i have been saying i'm 43 for so long, it feels like i should be turning 44!)

42 taught me a lot about myself. and it looks like 43 may be a year of changes. hard changes perhaps. but exciting changes. i am up for the challenge. and my "team" is the best they've ever been ;)

for now, today anyway!, i'm trying to "live in the moment". as my 12 year old life-coach has instructed me.

along with that...

let go (of more stuff)
finish up those lingering house projects
hike more (block off one morning / week)
figure out a way to get everyone to italy!
pitch that book
shoot more film
less screen / more books (already on my shelf!)



BunkleLife said...

Happy Birthday T! The living in the moment piece is a lifelong quest methinks. Enjoy the journey :)

rebecca said...

happy birthday, my friend! i love your list. :) sounds like a wonderful start to your 44th year. we're celebrating you up here with a bowl of blueberry ice cream and a new stove!

this single spark said...

SUCH a good list! Welcome to 43, my friend!

Lisa Solomon said...

XO. not far behind you....