Wednesday, May 14, 2014

cool eats.

another good alternative to cooking outside on a hot day, i've discovered, is using our crockpot. it gets used more frequently in the winter, i admit, when it is so nice to come home post-car-pool-violin-lessons-and-all to a house smelling like dinner. (that scene in Ramona and Her Mother remains forver tied to my "Crock-Pot" love.)

our favorite summer crockpot dish - lentil tacos. i use this recipe. simple enough for my pickier eater. and adaptable enough (with a favorite hot sauce) for those who like it spicy. (we swap out the chicken-broth for a veggie one to keep it a vegetarian meal - which we strive for monday :: wednesday :: friday.)

any tried and true summer recipes from your house, veg or not?




house on hill road said...

we have all enjoyed this salad recently - it's easy to make and you can throw it together fairly quickly. perfect on a hot day (i skip making the crackers). it's not vegetarian, but you could easily make it without the chicken and it would still be delicious. i also use the leftover dressing for lunch salads with shrimp.

Tracy Bartley said...

that sounds so good erin! thank you :)