Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day!

i showed this photograph to the girls this morning. e looked at me with that look only a 13 year old can give and said "Mom! You are wearing too much make-up!" then she realized that i am the baby in this picture.

a very happy mother's day to all the mums in my life. and especially to mine xo


this single spark said...

I love that photo! Can't believe how much you look like your mom and E looks like you.

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks C xoxoxo

Aliza Sartor said...

13 year old?????
I am thinking this babies age maximum 13 months :)

Awesome cute baby!!!!!!
So so cute.......
Happy Mother Day!


Parenting Pick said...

Thank you so much for sharing this mothers day post! I have saved this amazing picture to use next mother day.
Love your blog!
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