Tuesday, May 13, 2014

hot hot hot

we have already entered the long days of triple digit temps here in the san fernando valley. (according to a recent UCLA climate change study, portions of the sfv could see the days over 95 degrees quadruple by 2050! yikes!)

thankfully we have a pool. where we spend most of our time when it's this hot and we can't get away to the beach. thankfully we also have central air (which we keep at 79) and all new windows, which help to keep that cool air in and warm air out. and thankfully, we live in an inland valley zone that (usually) tempers these hot days with cool nights - so after the sun goes down the windows open back up.

i work from home - and so i need to be comfortable. keeping the thermostat at 79 means i can't run any appliances during the day that might heat things up. laundry is relegated to non-peak hours. and cooking (and eating) dinner happens as much as possible in the back yard.

i'm not a fan of the heat. i love winter. i grew up with the ice & snow. (and some amazingly beautiful prairie summers that could be hot and humid. but i was young. and didn't have to get things done!) that said - there are days here that seem perfection - that remind me of those prairie summers - and remind me why we live here. (those triple digits days though, aren't those!)

here we go. stay cool.


more cool tips for hot days


rebecca said...

i wonder if you're keeping a special file of all the photos and videos you've taken that feature your iconic palm trees? this shot is particularly nice.

keep cool, valley girls (and boy!)

Tracy Bartley said...

i haven't reb. but i like the idea :) xo

this single spark said...

oh! wish you could send some heat our way!!!

very slow spring here. snow last week. temps 5 to 10 degrees below normal. perennials are just barely poking up..... craving sunshine and warmth!

Tracy Bartley said...

i would gladly send some of this north c. (or get you south!) xo