Sunday, June 08, 2014

celebrate ::10::

we celebrated k's bday last night with a pool party sleepover with 6 of her besties.

celebrating 10

and a s'more cake.

celebrate 10

they swam (and swam) and devoured a taco bar and watched a horsey movie in their pjs before (finally!) falling asleep.

celebrate 10

the next morning waffles and fruit and back in the pool.

celebrate 10

one more day of ::9::. holding on!

btw i took in the opening night of the fault in our stars with e and her best friend m. have you seen it? have you read the book? (e insisted i did before seeing the movie. i thought it was great.) curious what you think.


BunkleLife said...

I listened to the audio book, and quite enjoyed it. Film vs book in your opinion? (I am not really feeling compelled to see the film version, usually I find them disappointing).

Any yay to 10! xo

Tracy Bartley said...

I really preferred the book. (But I usually do!) There is a lot of subtlety and some backstory that didn't make it to the screen (Gus's past love etc.). I'll add that I was quite fascinated by a room full of crying teens who were so clearly moved by this unconventional love story. I found that pretty powerful.

Mary Jo said...

just finished the book yesterday. i also bought the book for my niece who will graduate thursday, same age as e i think...was concerned she might be too young but your letting me know my instincts were right :)