Wednesday, June 04, 2014

sharing the load


somehow we've gotten off track this spring and the bulk of household responsibilities have slid back from the girls to d and i. i could blame a heavy 7th grade workload or more commitment to extra-curricular activities, but that's not really it. i think it is more to do with my own time-management and just wanting things to be done. unfortunately - the more sliding we do, the harder it is to get back on track. but then...

about 2 months ago i started taking the girls to the ranch where they ride to help with Saturday chores. Saturday is the busiest day at the ranch - with beginner lessons running all day and numerous chores before the ranch shuts down for their weekend (Sunday & Monday). the (almost) 10 year old has endless enthusiasm for such things. the (almost) 13 year old, not so much. but they have both shown an understanding of the commitment (every Saturday) and have enjoyed learning more about what it takes to care for horse (i'm sure with the idea that maybe one day...) i am very proud of them both.

since we started this, i've also noticed they've been better at picking up around the house. one reminder to make the bed seems to be enough. and it even gets made (on occasion) without the reminder. they've been great at helping prep for dinner and know its their responsibility (without complaint) to clean up afterwards. again - proud mom.

we don't give the girls allowance for their chores per se. they understand that they have obligations to keep the house running smoothly - and they are compensated generally for that, but not specifically.

perhaps responsibility begets responsibility? i'm not sure. we will see if it continues once school let's out later this week.

any tips on keeping your house running smooth?


Mary Jo said...

this is interesting. the oldest just turned 5 and i'm (we're) having her do a little more around the house. and have thought about allowance but haven't followed through with anything. no advice to share just taking some wisdom from a family with older girls:) the stables sounds pretty awesome!

BunkleLife said...

Horses (and horse keeping) = one of the best teaching tools around in terms of responsibility - hard work but so rewarding (and so time consuming you can't get into trouble elsewhere, take it from someone who knows. OK, not MUCH trouble;)

Lucky girls (& lucky mama ;) xo