Monday, June 30, 2014

weekend to do (done edition!)


last week sped by to a very busy (fun!) weekend. so no list made it here. there was little to do / that got done, aside from celebrating some big events with people we love!

saturday we celebrated a good friend's 50th in style with a rented limo, dinner at red o and dancing at the abbey with three other couples. we had a blast! i don't think i've had that much fun (adult fun) in years. it was the dancing (and the company) that made the night.

sunday we were up bright and early (ouch!) as i was co-hosting my eldest niece's bridal shower. i was tasked with tuna salad, fruit platters and centerpieces/favours (for 60). my niece is having a country wedding at saddlerock ranch next month, and in keeping with the country theme, her mom had been experimenting with decoration ideas. one was burlap flowers, and they were so sweet it was decided they would be used for the shower. she made hundreds of them, along with my mother-in-law, and e and i "potted" them in small ceramic pots with lavender and eucalyptus for some variation in texture. the remainders went into a wreath.

for all the fun, monday feels good. looking forward to a short week, and a long weekend on the horizon!

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