Thursday, June 26, 2014


another project checked off the list. d made a beautiful little walnut bedside table and matching shelving. here's a peek as we get the final touches on the room complete.



we went back and forth on the finish for the shelf brackets. we finally settled on white (from here), and i'm so glad we did. they aren't too noticeable, match the finish on the bed frame and d pulled in the white on the grommet for the drawer pull (love!) he also helped reduce the brackets visual presence by using deeper boards for the shelves, and hiding the bracket tips in a hole on the underside. he secured each bracket/shelf so there is no wiggle (something inherent in this style of shelving and an important consideration in earthquake country - especially bedside).

i'm very happy with how these turned out. especially the table. its d's design and i think so lovely with our bed.

oh, and in case you're wondering about the kangaroo. it was one of the first gifts i ever gave d. probably 17 years ago? it is a vintage ceramic wallet caddy. we'd watched pulp fiction together, and then i spotted it at the pasadena rose bowl flea market. i couldn't find a clip showing it online - but it is mentioned here. and the artwork: an early piece by lisa congdon, purchased at a show here in L.A. many moons ago! It is a wonderful ink drawing on a page of text - winnie the pooh, in french (winnie l'ourson).


Jennie said...

The bedside shelf is beautiful!! As are the shelves - they look great with the wallpaper too. Love the kangaroo, thought it was a cat at first (of course!) before I spotted the tail!

Alicia A. said...

I love your house, T. It's modern and stylish but not cold in any way. You guys do a great job!

this single spark said...

your husband is amazing!

wish you were closer 'cause i got all kinds of things that need fixing around here. haha!

Tracy Bartley said...

thanks all xo