Wednesday, April 08, 2015

form & function

my favorite finds are those beautiful items that i use every day. (i came back from our d.c. trip with lincoln's gettysburg address captured on a tea towel.) these little bowls exemplify this. i use little bowls daily, for snacks and toppings & condiments at the table. (i love a well set dinner table, with pressed napkins and nice serving pieces. it gives a sense of completion & pleasure as we gather at the end of our day.)


these little bowls have been collected from trips we have taken (apt ware from france and terra-cotta from mexico as well as the heath factory in sausalito); trips taken by others (my sister-in-law knows my weaknesses); and lucky studio pottery thrift finds. the latest addition, sweet little thimble cups from pigeon toe ceramics (found for a steal off their instagram sale!).

their form is perfect. (who can argue with a bowl?!) and their function threefold: to pretty our table; and to hold sustenance and memories!


this single spark said...

I love bowls too. I have bought many little bowls from Jeff at the Old Church pottery studio north of Brandon. For me. For gifts. So many, in fact, that when I was walking down the street in Brandon last summer and he was driving by, he yelled "Yo, Spice Bowl!" out the window at me. :]

Tracy Bartley said...

<3 C! xo

leslie said...

I love them too, they really come in handy😊