Thursday, May 21, 2015

and so they grow...

they met in preschool, and quite frankly, i think mine was a little overwhelmed by the big personality of the other.

then they spotted each other again at middle school orientation, and have been inseparable ever since.

then (the end of preschool)

now (the end of 8th grade)

this fall, they will be walking to high school together, and i couldn't be more proud of them both. and grateful for their friendship. and our families' friendship. they are still quite different. sassy and serious. (i think i can say that safely.) both strong and smart. they compliment each other. help each other be brave when it's needed - whether that's in speaking out, or in holding back. excited to see what the future holds for them both. and hopeful that their friendship can weather whatever comes next. (they talk about it openly. the challenges and opportunities ahead of them. and how they too hope their friendship can endure.)

time flies...

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