Saturday, May 02, 2015

weekend to do


pond pumps
clean bbq

e is riding her first dressage test tomorrow! (intro test c)

*the photo shows moxie waiting while I tuck in the girls for our nightly television hour. d and i have been picking a series on netflix or amazon prime and watching it through, one episode a night. we've done madmen, orange is the new black, house of cards, shameless (uk version), and now just finished up the americans. moxie knows the routine (she knows all our routines) and seems to look forward to the quiet hour. so do i. its nice to just sit side-by-side at the end of the day. not talking or planning or anything. just being together. xo


BunkleLife said...

Hope E enjoyed herself! She and her mount looked great from the photos you posted.

And Mags is the same as Moxie in terms of routine - nightly lap snooze on the couch is expected (or rather, demanded with some pretty ear-shredding yowls).

If you want more Netflix series recommendations, let me know ;)

Tracy Bartley said...

bring it on J! we are always looking for new series to fall into. xo

rebecca said...

jeff is watching "orphan black" a bbc america series. it's not on netflix, but we were able to get it from the library.

did you ever watch true blood? we get that through xfinitytv (comcast). it was entertaining and thought provoking. jeff watched it all, and i joined him for most of it.

BunkleLife said...

OK you asked ... ;)

Justified: give it a few episodes to hook you in, trust me. One of my favorites of recent years. First season perhaps the weakest. Interplay of the two leads (Timothy Olyphant and his nemesis Walton Goggins) fantastic.

Rectify: yes. Quiet brooder of a series, and very good. And not a long season so easy to get through.

Luther: Idris Elba. That's all I need to say. Solid british messed-up-detective stuff.

Top of the Lake: Not only because one of the characters is called Tui.

The Fall: Gillian Anderson excellent, some good pokes at gender inequality too.

OK I'm done ;)


Tracy Bartley said...

thank you J! xoxo

rebecca said...

Have you already watched the 4 seasons of Louie available on Netflix?

And what about Seinfeld's, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. This is a stand-alone site with all the episodes. Goggle it.

Jennie said...

We've been loving Orphan Black! And you will have many Toronto flashbacks! Top of the Lake was great, though Elizabeth Moss didn't manage the NZ accent very well. Though everyone was playing accents other than their own! We've also enjoyed a couple of uk crime/supernatural series -Ripper St. and Penny Dreadful. Very entertaining but a bit grisly, both of them. Also more recent police type mystery - Broadchurch (with David tenant) which has been great. And the new version of Poldark has just started here - shades of mr. Darcy with a broody Aidan turner. He was so funny in Being Human about a vampire, ghost and werewolf flatting together. There's quite a few good NZ tv series some of which sadly haven't been renewed but not sure how easy they might be to find in the US.

Tracy Bartley said...

good stuff. thanks reb and jennie! xo