Thursday, May 28, 2015


was cleaning out some files and found this...

Roll 27 - 18

same spot this morning

one of the greatest lessons from my mom about living with kids, is to not put off nice things, but to invest in your home and fill it with things you love. teach your children to appreciate that and you don't have to worry about them getting marker on the sofa or being careless with the good china.

p.s. the shape magazine in the top picture actually made me laugh out loud. xo


BunkleLife said...

lovely to see the changes in both girl and space (and mom's reading materials ;) xox

rebecca said...


Mary Jo said...

as are oldest leaves her co-op for real school and the littlest starts their the images above kinda make me freak out at how fast it all goes!

Tracy Bartley said...

Thanks ladies :) Mary Jo - hold on tight, and enjoy. It is such a wonderful ride! xo