Friday, June 09, 2006

ain't she sweet, eh or an aero through my heart...

pulling into the driveway yesterday i noticed a parcel on the front step. expecting it to be for the little bug (whose bday is tomorrow) i quickly pushed it aside hoping the kids wouldn't see it. a parcel immediately incites a riot at our place - they are so much like me. it is soooo hard to not want to unwrap everything immediately. seems crazy to have to wait until your actual birthday!!

well, on closer inspection i noticed the parcel was for me. ooooh! i wasn't' expecting anything, was i? melissa had said something but it shouldn't be a box this big - should it???

a few months back when i first "met" melissa we quickly realized we were both 'ex-pats' from Western Canada. she was due for a trip home so asked if she could bring me anything back. i thought long and hard about all i miss most. universal health care, 15 weeks maternity benefits followed by 35 weeks parental benefits, the CBC ,Old Dutch ketchup-flavored potato chips, oh and "good good whole wheat" Shreddies (mmmmmm). these all seemed too large and difficult to post. so i settled on an Aero bar.

sooo. this box was much to big for just an Aero bar. well, it wasn't just an Aero bar. sweet melissa had added some extra special goodies!



beautiful bits of fabric and trim for me and tins of stickers and a book (quickly a fave by one of our favorite Canadian authors...) for the bugs.

oh - and wait - of course the Aero bar needed chocolate company!


i so miss canada. though am happy - for the most part - where we are - it works right now. (but i can't wait to drive up the coast next month to our annual holiday on galiano island. i think it is my favorite place on earth...) these treats bring back so many childhood memories...

melissa you really are too sweet. and yes, you did send two Aero bars. alas, one was unavailable for the photo shoot! thank you so very much!

and thanks for reading this long post. feeling quite verbose this friday. perhaps due to all the troubles i had posting anything yesterday. (oh blogger, will i be looking to typepad too??) have a great weekend everyone!

looking forward to participating in another color week (or colour week!). thanks mav and steph for reviving this!


melissa f. said...

i was much more a salt and vinegar chip girl. it's so nice to be able to fine them in stores now. old dutch... double bag... mmmm.

shim + sons said...

Oh, what a sweet package of goodies! I can't wait for color week. And yes, I think you would enjoy a move to Typepad. Have a lovely weekend, Tracy!

molly said...

unexpected parcels full of wonderful treats are the best!
happy weekend!
(move to'll love it.)

Tracy said...

melissa - we can't get old dutch down here -- hmmmm... another plus for portland ;)

thanks sally and molly... i am exploring my typepad options!

hope your weekends are lovely too!

hannah said...

i have package envy...

i have been contemplating the switch to typepad as well! i dont know why it makes me so nervous.

kirsten said...

If you ever need a Canadian fix - send me an e-mail and I can set you up 'eh!!!

Tracy said...

me too hannah - me too!

thanks kirsten!! i do visit your blog whenever i need a little canadian fresh air!!