Thursday, June 29, 2006

hot days and nights


the days seem to be speeding by. the heat has everyone sleeping poorly. difficulty falling asleep. (the upside of getting the kids to bed a little later is that we have been enjoying some magnificent sunsets. worth it. at least once in a while.)leading to late starts in the morning. nothing seems to be getting done. but strangely i don't seem to mind too much. i have convinced myself that i am in summer mode. lazy is ok.

thankfully we have only a couple of weeks before we head off on holiday. in the meantime, we have a (large-ish) family get-together to host this saturday. all of d's family plus a few will be in attendance bringing the guest list to 21. i believe it is to stay hot (temps in the 100s)so the pool will be full i am sure. i also have 11 gifts to finish up. (i am making surprises for all of my nieces that will be in attendance, plus my 2. no hints. sorry girls! just hope they get done in time...) the 4th of july to figure out. (i vote for the beach!) and a couple of bday parties to attend.

we missed this last night. sounds like the perfect hot summer night movie. the hard work of a new friend.

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i so wanted to go. but life got in the way. as it does. i hope it was a great success!


Shari said...

i love the palm trees + sunset! so, you're getting blasted with hot air as well. glad you have a pool. xo shari

melissa f. said...

it sounds like vacation comes just at the right time. don't go crazy with the party stuff... it's supposed to be funtimes right? right. everyone is going to be really happy to be together.

molly said...

what a wonderful picture. last night we had the kids up late b/c we went out to a big dam to see flood damage from some days of heavy rain. the sky was beautiful and a huge orange sun setting as we drove, a lightning storm came up, the kids were in the back drowsy and singing along to a little norah jones...
of course, they crashed and burned when we got home and we tried to get their teeth brushed and into bed...BUT it was a romantic summer night for awhile.
sounds like you'll be a busy girl for the next few weeks, but lots of fun!