Tuesday, June 27, 2006

turtle love


these sweet beanbags were waiting when we returned home yesterday. (we are loving everything turtle these days!) they are from my dearest friend - first met in jr. high band class (she played the french horn, and i played the flute...)

as always, her sensitivity to the world around us was addressed in her creation - completely recycled materials and filled with lentils. (we have the most beautiful quilt made by her hand - each square from thrifted velvet clothing.) there was a lovely book to go along with them too. thanks c! i know they were for the little bug but the big bug has already claimed one as hers. ahhh, big sister, little sister (you know how it is!!).


hannah said...

ah. these take me right back to the 70s. isnt it funny how a bit of cloth, some bean and a loving hand can turn out something wonderful?

sally said...

What a perfect gift for your turtle-loving family!

this single spark said...

Glad they arrived... at all! I had visions of them getting stopped at the border. Illegal international transportation of pulses, or something.

Which one did the big bug choose? The flower? That one was my favorite, though the daisy quilting isn't perfect. :]

The book isn't just coincidental either. Those beanbag turtles can really fly! They went through rigorous testing before they were sent. I double stitched every seam so they shouldn't come apart if they get flung.

The legs are scraps from Karen's dad's shirts, the denim is a donation from my brother-in-law, the rest is either from my mom's rag bag or from the remnants bin at Mitchell Fabrics.

blair said...

What a sweet package, I am in love with those turtles. The perfect soft toy whether you're a boy or girl (mom or child...hee)

Tracy said...

c - mr l's shirts!! i love that!! they are perfect. and yes, e did choose the flower :) they haven't flown yet - but were busy racing over the edge of the breakfast table this a.m...!

Shari said...

what lovely little turtles!