Monday, June 05, 2006

vive la getty!

(sorry d)

a 19th century day in Paris was the theme for yesterday's Getty Family Festival - which delivered - as they always do.


ballerinas, aerial artists, ragtime and "hot club"-style musicians (many in period costume) filled our day. (why do i so love the accordion? oh it just makes me swoon...)

it was centered around their current exhibition - Degas at the Getty - which includes their beautiful pastels Waiting and Miss Lala at the Fernando Circus and their recent acquisition The Milliners.

we are frequent visitors to the getty. we are connected to the place. david and i met on its tram when we were both working there during the opening year. there are some things i'm not crazy about

but the garden is not one of them. i love it. i love Robert Irwin. and his garden plays beautifully off the Richard Meier architecture of the center.

and the "family room" is always on the stops list for the girls...


(each section is based on a work in the collection - here their great Ensor painting Christ's Entry Into Brussels, David's Hockney's photocollage Pearblossom Highway, and Martin Puryear's That Profile.)

it was a great day. and kept us away from another hot one in the valley. of course it was into the pool as soon as we returned home...

if you live nearby and haven't taken in one of their family festivals - i highly recommend it. (next one is august 5th)


shannon said...

Oh looks like great day, so nice and sunny whilst I am freezing overe here! Im not sure what it is either but I love accordian music...

Kim said...

I miss the Getty. The tram always made me feel like we were going to a secret location, not the bright white compound you zoom by on the 405. It looks like it was a lovely day.

Tracy said...

sending some hot temps your way shannon! maybe it will warm it up a little :)

it was lovely - thanks for commenting kim!

melissa f. said...

i'm putting it on our list.

those are some great pictures, too.

Tracy said...

thanks melissa - planning a trip to socal?? hmmmmmm??

Shari said...

wow. how fun!! ballerinas and aerial dancers...two of my favorites. and those gardens look amazing. t has an accordion that he received from some coworkers. he can't play it but it's beautiful and i enjoy just listening to him practicing. xo, s.

Carol said...

I miss the Getty! When we lived in LA, we took Ellie to the family days a few times. Such a beautiful place...especially the outdoors.

Thanks for the great documentation.