Friday, October 06, 2006

things are (looking up)

looking up (east)

this was the sky out our back-door yesterday as i returned from shipping out the last of my big projects that were due this week. big sigh. big sky. felt pretty good.

it has been a challenge getting things done for me lately. thanks for all your kind words. it is amazing how much difference 6 hours a week less at work makes! but it certainly does seem to make a difference. i really need to finish reading this book. and to put some of its methods in place.

but i think first i need to clear my desk in the studio. i always feel so much better with a clear desk.

update on the big bug - she has moved into a k/1 split, with a teacher i feel very positive about - and is really enjoying herself. she even stopped the postal carrier the other day to tell her about her day. another big sigh!

the weekend is filling up quickly. i have signed up for a one day workshop on writing grant proposals that i am (strangely perhaps) excited about. and sunday we will be taking giselle to church with us for a blessing, in celebration of the feast day of st.francis. needless-to-say the big bug is very excited about this. though rather concerned that our dear giselle will not keep her head out long enough to be blessed. i have reassured her that a blessing on the shell is just as good.

and i am really (really!) hoping to get back to the sewing machine too. i have orders for hallowe'en costumes (a scarey pink kitty-cat and a witch, inspired naturally by this). and pjs for the big bug's bday present.

hannah's post this week really resonated with me. i feel so blessed to know you - to have you in my life. my work at the studio is very solitary, and i often compare you to co-workers. i love to hear what you have been doing, to peek over my cubicle wall and into yours. to hear what your kids have been doing. and to share (the often mundane) concerns of my life. thank you friends!

have a great weekend


melissa f. said...

mundane?! hardly. i feel your big relief all the way up I-5. wishing you a weekend free of big commitments.

Alicia A. said...

Thank YOU, friend. I'm glad things are feeling calmer. That sky has to be a good sign- so incredibly beautiful.

Good luck to Giselle. A turtle blessing- there's something you don't see every day! :)

Mama Urchin said...

I'm so glad to hear that the big bug's school situation has improved.

Kristina said...

Well thank you Tracy! I certainly feel the same way. Some times I just still wonder about the whole friends/blogworld thing though.
Do I have (Blog) friends???
Oh...and congrats on the Big Bug - exiting ;o)

samlamb said...

Have a wonderful weekend and savour the feeling of that big sigh of relief.

And as always, thank you so much for your comments. I saw the photo of you and your girls in your Flickr set and you look like the happiest ladies around. It's an amazing shot.

madmommy said...

That is such a perfect way of describing blogging and blog friends...or maybe even hanging over the backyard fence over a cup of coffee while the kids play, washing hanging on the line? While this doesn't actually occur where I live, I like to think of my blog friends as those just over the fence, there when I need an ear or a hug!

Hannah said...

my comment on flickr was big sky too! good for you taking that grant writing class and streching yourself in new ways. the only way to grow, right? even so, be nice to yourself and have a good weekend. i bet giselle will share her blessing.

Gwendolen said...

Thank you, too! Have a great Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and watch your mailbox...I'm sending it off on Monday!

angelique said...

Good news all around! A church here is also having a "blessing of the animals" this Sunday... wonder if there will be any turtles? I think the mundane everyday stuff is the real stuff of life, when you get right down to it, and that's why blogging leads to such intimate friendships, because it's where we put it all down.

Molly said...

so glad things are going well and you're feeling more peaceful.
i LOVE that you're taking giselle to get blessed. i'm guessing she'll be the only turtle there...?
happy weekend friend!

amy h said...

I hope the weekend was a good one. You are a great co-worker!