Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i *heart*


my new chair at work (i can feel my posture improving)

my new slim l o n g jeans (it is so hard for me to find a pair that fit the way i want them to - these do)

the days getting shorter (yes i realize i may be alone on this one but for some reason i have always liked the dark. oh, and maybe it has something to do with the fact that my kids seem to be sleeping more!)

weather predictions (i can remember being obsessed with this site when planning our {outdoor} wedding. i still check it every once-in-a-while.)

coming home to a telephone message from a new dear friend

hallowe'en preparations (oh this is good! gotta get mine done.)

this hippo (makes me smile. i love a happy ending!)

this drawing (makes me think)

getting things done (well not crafty things, but things none-the-less)

hope your week is full of love!


two trees said...

hope yours is full of love too!
ditto to enjoying the shorter days.

angelique said...

There is nothing better than jeans that fit! Very little, anyway. Getting enough sleep, maybe. Can we have your kids talk to mine about that?

Alicia A. said...

Nice chair (and socks!)

Sounds like things have settled down there nicely. :)

amy h said...

Yes, good jeans are a lovely thing. It took me many years to figure out that I need long jeans. Until then I just complained that my jeans were too short after a few washes.

Stripey socks make me happy.

sally said... everything in your chair + cute jeans + spiffy socks + sweet shoes!

lisa s said...

those jeans are fantastic... i wonder if i can pull them off???

thanks for linking to the drawing ;)

this single spark said...

Love, love, love your new chair. Coveting it.

I can't do skinny. Took me a long time to accept that while I'm fairly tall, I'm a bit of a corgy. But just found a pair of slim boot cuts that fit perfectly. And they were on sale. AND I had a coupon. Looked for months before I found them and felt a huge sense of relief and satisfaction when I put them on.

Not happy about the shorter days. Means I will soon have to get out my SAD lamp, which means getting up early, even on weekends. :[ Better than the alternative, I guess.

Molly said...

a good pair of jeans? what I wouldn't do for a good pair these days. mine are either falling down over my little bulge of pregnancy belly or too tight across it. ugh...of course, I could switch to maternity jeans, but i'm not ready for that, yet!!

i love the shot of your new chair, and your cutie pie socks and shoes!!

my kids are sleeping longer, too. is it the darkness?? I thought they were going through a growth spurt. they're eating like horses, too!


fiona said...

Hope you have a great week too!

Love your new chair. :)

stephanie said...

this post made me smile! thank you.

cindy said...

i love this picture of you. it's so descriptive. i've just sent you an email.

tracy said...

thanks all

molly - have you tried the hair elastic trick yet? always worked for me... xo

blair said...

I love posts like this, all good things to start my morning. : )