Monday, October 30, 2006

perfect weekend {busy week}

skipping . shopping

the tour of our neighborhood happened yesterday. almost 500 people trounced up and down our little streets, checking out our "spectacular vernacular". (click on the photo gallery.) the sky was blue. the leaves turning yellow. the girls sold lemonade. (made a killing!) we met one of the architects of our tract. and got to see his blueprints and the original sales brochures. and the day ended with a neighborhood party with a group of dear dear friends. all who live within a block. ages 9 mos to 90. it was awesome. it was perfect. we. are. so. lucky.(at the after tour party i met some of the moms who were on the pta in 1956! the year the school opened. what an inspiration!)

tomorrow. a parade of ghouls and goblins around the school. hopefully with lots of neighbors in attendance. then trick or treating up and down our little streets with a sweet group of mice, cats, witches, supermen, and a waitress. can't wait!


(my new mantra. it gives me strength. really.)

busy week ahead. relying on that strength. {i'll be in and out.}

hope you have a spooktacular 31st!


melissa f. said...

really amazing pictures... funny how houses are called 'estates' being less than 1700 sq feet.

I would never want to move.

Kristina said...

As I said: Wanna be ya neighbor ;o)

Alicia A. said...

I wanna be your neighbor too.

Tell the girlies, "Boo!"

amy h said...

I took the photo tour -- those are some great houses! I love that white kitchen with the light blue floors. And that tiki looking brown house/poolhouse thing. Even your driveway view is great! Your community is definitely a keeper -- especially with people like you working to make it even better.

Hannah said...

tracy you are killing me with your wonderful community and beautiful homes. thanks to you i now have a very very specific california dream.

this single spark said...

Have fun tonight! Hope trick or treating is the perfect cap on a lovely week.

lisa s said...

will be thinking of you... my suprememly busy week is slowly grinding down to just very busy :)

Jennifer said...

hey there! Happy Halloween to you too! The tour looked like it was great, and I am sure the little lemonade entrepreneurs were thrilled....

I owe you a call! It's been a busy weekend and week - it's only Tuesday too! Can't wait to see some trick or treating pics!

angelique said...

Gorgeous houses, yours included! I love that you met the architect and original PTA moms. Your mantra is obviously working!