Wednesday, March 21, 2007



gazing at daffodils
watching the rain
making granola
reading miss rumphius
planning gardens

retracing d's childhood walks
imagining fewer mcmansions
and more orange groves
splashing in puddles
sprinkling seeds
looking for blue sky

happy spring!

and a big thank you to beth over at sew, mama, sew! for the shout out. i am flattered.


shari said...

a beautiful post tracy! love your walk idea and sprinkling seeds. we just planted our spring garden yesterday. xo

BunkleLife said...

vancouver is starting to look like frilly pink nickers - the cherry trees are starting to bloom - love it!
I am going to have to start flickr-ing in hopes it will help me post photos in a less gimpy fashion - sigh.

happy spring!

Mama said...

Oh, no... Thank YOU! I love checking in with Jumilla Bugs every day. I'm glad you liked it.

erin said...

miss rumphius is a huge favorite in our house! i love that story.

Jennifer said...

Love Miss Rumphius... our copy is in storage, so your post reminded me to go to the library so we can keep reading it!
Can't believe your beautiful outside... it's still cold in DC, and I am imagining life in BC is still pretty grey...

this single spark said...

I've been on a major granola kick lately. Have been buying it, and looking for a good recipe. Thanks for the link! And the lovely post.

Kristina said...

So purty ;o)
I just saw your post at Emmas - I commented back over there!!! He he...

laeroport said...

Ahh. All good. And Miss Rumphius! LOVE! I'm reading it to my Daisy Girl Scouts next week when we start talking about making the world a better place.