Friday, March 23, 2007

dear rock,

thanks for the cd hon. i so wish that i could pick up and join you guys in vancouver. the show is going to be amazing! and for your note. as i sit in my bright rooms i often think of you. as i am picking sticky cheerios off of the floor, i think of you transcribing your interviews and all the thrill i used to get out of research. as i am being beckoned to wipe a bottom i think of you going to see o perform and how long it has been since d and i went to anything "live" that didn't involve someone dressed in a furry costume. things are so different for us right now. yet the connection remains strong. i am so grateful. i can't wait 'til june!

and because you asked
7 songs that i* am listening to at the moment:
spike jones :: i'm a lonely little petunia
the police :: peanuts
joanna newsom :: cosmia
blossom dearie :: they say its spring
hawksley workman :: goodbye to radio
great lakes swimmers :: see you on the moon
meat coaster :: it was a very good year

most of these come off cds i have been generously sent. (thank you!) the last one is a song d and his "band" will be playing at an upcoming fundraiser/party friends of ours are organizing in support of down syndrome research

i guess that is it for now...

so much love, ant

p.s. *i here means me and the bugs! e even went as far to explain to her father the other day that "the police" was also a name of a band that auntie c loved when she was girl; not just "cops".

p.p.s. the little bug has me read this to her at least once a week!

p.p.s.s. oh - and a pic of the bath and the girls - because i know you want another! have a great weekend.


i have just posted on sew green. {i am so enjoying what is happening over there.} have a good one!


this single spark said...

oh my dear.... i'm all misty and missing you more than ever. thanks for the list. peanuts is my favorite! and have been really needing the great lakes swimmers lately. so soothing.

as for the pics... i'm in love with your smart, beautiful and clean little girls. who i hardly know. and when i come to visit, i'm definitely having a bath!

xo c.

lisa s said...

hi there.... loving your list o'music... and the sew green post !

have a great weekend tracy!

cindy said...

hi tracy,

i love the bathtime pic. those tiles are such a lovely shade of blue.

i am dying over the great lake swimmers too. really nice stuff.

melissa f. said...

by the looks of things, you're gearing up for a good summer of visiting and visitors. that is the *best* kind of planning.

erin said...

love the photo of your girls!

Stephanie said...

I love whats happening over at Sew Green too! You all are such and inspiration!

BunkleLife said...

LOVE the wallet buddy and so great to see your listening list. Another one for you to try out - Andrew Bird. Lovely lovely stuff. (try Scythian Empires from his new album for a taster).

Great pic of the bugs & bathroom!

Lynelle said...

Love the bath tiles. I love them so much that I have the same ones. Floor to ceiling.

petite gourmand said...

what a great shot- and the bathroom looks fab too.