Friday, August 17, 2007


can't believe summer is almost behind us. it really has gone to quickly. we tried a variety of things with e over the summer. she had 2 weeks up in canada with me her little sister and my mom. 2 weeks (glorious weeks) at home with her dad. a week with a much admired 15 yr old cousin coming to our home. a week with a neighbour and her gramma. a few days with her bubbe. a movie day with her aunt. and 2 weeks of daycamp. i was really pretty unsure about the daycamp. a neighbour recommended it so i looked into it further. it was at a park on my way to work, with our city parks and rec dept and it was very affordable. so i thought i would give it a go. e loved it. arts and crafts. a little theatre. even a field trip. 1 week in july and 1 four weeks later in august seemed to do the trick. part of the appeal is that she attended both sessions with a close friend who lives a block away. (daughter of the friend of mine who recommended it.) and this last week another little friend from the neighbourhood joined in on the fun. i liked too that we got to know some people in our neighbourhood a little better, and so i pitched in shuttling the kids to and from camp (which worked well with my part-time schedule), and after camp care. (d thinks i am crazy but i really do enjoy a house of noisy - as long as they aren't too noisy! - kids. really.)

as i dropped off e and her friends this morning at daycamp - the chipper teen who assisted with the "valet" (gotta love l.a.)service smiled her chipper smile at me and said "good morning carpool mom!".

my heart swelled.

i loved the sound of it. i love loading up the girls, stopping at the two different houses in our neighbourhood, listening in on their continuous chatter, all of us heading into the preschool to drop off k then reloading and making the journey on to camp. and beyond that, i also love thinking that i have reduced carbon emissions this morning by 2/3. in my own little way.

i know you understand.

must run out the door for my last pick-up of the summer... s i g h

have a great weekend.


Alicia A. said...

I'm smiling again. Thank you, T.

sally said...

=) Hi, Carpool Mom!

Blair said...

i like being a carpool mom. and yes, I completely understand. : )

petite gourmand said...

I'm still a stroller/wagon mom, but the car pool part sounds fun too. (not too soon I hope)
enjoy the remnants of the summer
pg :)