Wednesday, August 29, 2007

kids' music swap part deux


because you suggested it mama urchin - how about a another kids' cd swap? i so enjoyed this last time... but will keep myself out this go around and just send out the cds i am already committed to. but i am happy to partner everyone else up. the "rules" again:

- it doesn't have to be strictly "kids' music" but can include music that your kids like - just make sure it is appropriate for swapping...
- there is no age limit for the children to participate - but when possible it would be fun to have them make up the playlist
- be willing to ship overseas (fun to hear an international mix of kids' music!)
- have fun with the packaging but no need to send anything other than the cd
- goal is to ship by late september(i'll pin a date down once sign-ups close)
- interested? email me with kid's cd swap in the subject to: t(dot)bartley(at)att(dot)net and include your name, name(s) and age(s) of your kid(s), your blog address (if you have one - not necessary), and your mailing address
- once i see the interest that is out there (please feel free to "spread the word"!)i will close the sign-ups and randomly match the households I will keep the sign-up for the kids' music swap open until the end of the week(Friday 31 August). Please sign up if you are interested! The more the merrier!!

If you would like a button for your website - you can find it here

my back is feeling a little better - day by day - thanks for your well wishes. back to packing for the beach!


Jodie said...

Oh my goodness!! I have this exact same Fisher Price record player! It's currently languishing in the loft along with all my other childhood toys, but this brings back so many memories. Au Clair de la Lune was my favourite. I remember the feel of the ridges on the plastic records, and the scratchy sound as it got stuck on the player. Wow!!

molly said...

hi tracy! If anyone bows out, let me know. I'm so behind my blog reading with all this back to school work! But I'd love to join in if someone loses a partner.

April M. said...

Our all time favorite children's cd is Ukelele Lady by Victoria Jackson. It's so much fun and the songs don't grind on your nerves.