Monday, August 20, 2007

summer 07 playlist

(or what we are currently listening to in the mini-van)

vacation {the go-go's}
my doorbell {the white stripes}
me and julio down by the schoolyard {paul simon}
movin' right along {kermit and fozzie}
banana puddin' {southern culture on the skids}
it's a small world {maurice chevalier}
it was a very good year {meatcoaster}
summer nights {john travolta and olivia newton-john}
the magic song (bibbity-bobbity-boo) {mary martin}
born to handjive {sha-na-na}
big yellow taxi {joni mitchell}
jackie jackson {franz ferdinand}
mambo italiano {rosemary clooney}
puff (the magic dragon) {peter,paul and mary}
walk like an egyptian {the bangles}
superball bop {jory felice}
mahna mahna {mahna mahna & the two snowths }
rolling home {dan zanes}

summer palms

what's on your back to school rotation?


Mama Urchin said...

The newest (to us) artists we've been listerning to are the Bari Koral Family Rock & Roll Band and Selin Debison (specifically her first album). The Tribalistas are great summertime music.

erin said...

we listen to public radio the most (we are lucky to have a very good music station in addition to the more traditional variety). your list is stupendous - i might just make a mix.

hannah said...

dang. can i get a copy??

Mama Urchin said...

I meant Aselin Debison, sorry.

BunkleLife said...

Too funny. Some classics in there! As for me, my car has had Rae Spoon and Andrew Bird in high rotation - and sorry for the tardiness, will mail the Ray Spoon/Rodney Decroo CD to you this week I PROMISE!

meg said...

awesome mix! so funny - i just posted a dance mix i made for jane and two of the same song where on it (white stripes + simon/garfunkle). crazy!

lisa s said...

oh sha na na - i had forgotten about you... bowser.... sigh....

Amy said...

Wow - that's a lot of enthusiasm and hoppy vibes. I can't listen to music in the car because if Bea isn't singing her own songs at full volume then she is asking me a question. But if I could, I'm totally in a Suzanne Vega mood.

leslie said...

jack johnson, dandy warhols, amos lee, white stripes, frou frou, john mayer and in my husbands truck... he likes metal and the hardest rock music possible (the girls just "bang their heads" to it) yikes! he also likes the coffee house channel (he luckily has satelite).

BunkleLife said...

fyi T. I mailed the CD yesterday ... hopefully will arrive next week so you can add it to your play list!

Omar said...

Been listening to the new Interpol and the latest from the Arcade Fire. Also a lot of 80s oldies from Hoodoo Gurus, Psychedelic Furs (yes, she is pretty in pink) and Echo and the Bunnymen. And I've really been getting into the Stones' Hot Rocks lately. Go figure. Oh yeah, and ELO. Guilty pleasure, what can I say?! Hope the summer's been good.