Tuesday, February 03, 2009

ay to zeeeeeeee


ABC's 2009
by D - with a caveat from me that while many of these appear not to make sense. they do. kind of. and are good to record for posterity. kind of.

Act responsibly
Bike to work
Create beautiful things
Eat healthy good
Fun with my family
Get to know my spouse better
Have a better outlook
Ignore the trivial
Live within our means
Make art that is important to me
Nose job
Play more
Quigley down under
Run with the bulls
Surf with the dolphins
Tell the truth (
Unclutter the house and garage
Voila! finish projects around the house
Walk-about and wander
eXperiment with music
be more Zen

and Hannah, good idea! I will post E's tomorrow...

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this single spark said...

Live within means... also on my list. Jocularity! Awesome. Nose job... does he mean one of those electric nose hair trimmers?