Monday, February 02, 2009

eh to zed


back in the first weeks after the holidays, E's teacher had the class identify a goal for the new year using each letter of the alphabet. she of course sat her dad and i down to complete the same exercise. (she gave us each 1o minutes.) as i cleaned the pile of papers that accumulated over january i found them again. before i toss them, i thought they might be worth recording, so here is my list:

ABC's of 2009

Attend more museum exhibitions
Bicycle K to school at least twice a week
Cook more seasonal meals
Discover a new author
Enjoy more time with my family
visit the Farmers' Market regularly
Handwrite a letter
Investigate local hiking trails
Jog one mile
Knit socks
Limit computer time
Organize our photographs
play with Printmaking
find more Quiet time
Read daily (a book!)
finish unfinished Sewing
Tidy-up everyday (20 minute method)
Use what we have
Visit Galiano (at least twice)
Weave a table runner
eXperiment with my breadmaking
Yoga twice a week
get more Zzzzzz

tomorrow - the list from the american...

{articles like this make me proud to be canadian}


hannah said...

love this tracey. i'm curious about E's too.

this single spark said...

Great list! I've been mentally working on a life list (which was all the rage at my last job right before I left.) Baking bread is definitely on there. Might snitch some other things from your list, if ya don't mind.