Sunday, February 22, 2009

on the table


trying to return to my domestic groove... (aside from the prep work we are doing to remove - gasp! - 152 cubic yards - i think that is something like 4000 sq ft - could that be right?? - of asphalt from our neighborhood schoolyard next weekend! whoo hoo!)


leslie said...

cant wait to see the end results though! pull that asphalt up!


this single spark said...

whatcha making at home? besides bread?

Tracy said...

hi c!
well - lots of stuff in the crockpot
a vest ;) on the needles
a new french press warmer and trying to get my groove into another patchwork pillow...
et toi?

marta said...

just wanted to say i love your blog and the things you make - very inspiring! thank you!

petite gourmand said...

is there anything better than homemade bread?

good luck with the asphalt.