Thursday, February 05, 2009


out of e's 2009 a - z - carried out with a small group of classmates working together - my favourites:

D - Dance

H - Help others

K - fly a Kite

L- Languages, learn new ones(so far she has had her friends teach her hello in Russian, Farsi and Filipino)

N - kNit


O - Organise a protest

we have been talking a lot about rights in our household lately. the kids have accompanied us to protests. and she has been studying the civil rights movement in class. her principal has changed some rules at school, to counteract lack of supervision on "the yard" and e and her classmates are not happy with the changes. her teacher suggested they do something about it. that they have the right to let the administration know how they feel. that is how things work in a democracy. they have started off with a petition, and will move on to protest if the need to, she says. they have a slogan. and signs. and are working on a song.

she has a lot of questions about rights and rules and government and democracy. the most beautiful part of it, i tell her, is that we have choices. we all have choices... we can (pretty much) live the way we wish to live. as long as we respect ourselves and each other in those choices, it all works out.

and forgive me here - but this issue sings loud in my heart...

we wouldn't want to lose those choices, would we?

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.


then sign


UNIFORM Studio said...

I love the alphabet list. I think I will do this w/ my boys.
And that video breaks my heart.

Jane said...

Love all your a-zs - I will have to do one of these for myself now I think!

Jane said...

ps. love your hand-drawn clock too!

Katja said...

Such a beautiful and touching video, thank you for posting it! :)