Wednesday, March 04, 2009



sorry i'm not posting schoolyard pics yet. have a few collected here.

rainy again and i love it.

and very excited to have sandra tsing loh coming to our school tonight. we have invited her as an experiment: public school as community center. i have this little side-dream (apart from the one about a green schoolyard) of a place to gather our community for lectures, learning etc. will see how it goes. she will be speaking about parent activism, the "burning moms" movement, and screening the short documentary on the California Children's Rally she organised last summer.

if you are the neighborhood - and want to join the revolution to improve education funding in california - stop by! (when i put it that way, how can you say no?)


alyssa said...

Wishing I could come, if only we lived closer.
Sounds like a great event. Good luck with that yard!

Aruna said...

I just viewed your schoolyard set. Tracy you are such a credit to your community with your activism and leadership. Not to mention an inspiration and role model for the rest of us!

leslie said...

tracy, you inspire me to no end. what is your work week like? i have mondays off and we NEED to chat sometime soon! your ideas about public school is sooooo what i need right now. i would love to drive up and visit with you.