Sunday, March 15, 2009

circa 1980

circa 1980
circa 1980

good finds at the goodwill last week. i just couldn't resist this early 80's SFV Girl Scout vest. (and the sheet is rests on. along with a great sewing basket, and three vintage embroidery kits in various stages of completion. oh, and a stove-top espresso pot and vintage 60s plastic tray. goodstuff goodwill.) this piece though took me back. thinking whoever wore it must be my age now. (or likely a little younger, eek.) wondering why and how it ended up in a thrift shop.

that is one of my favourite things about thrifting. the stories each item carries. the ones we can deduce. and the ones we can imagine.

happy sunday


leslie said...

wow what a score!!! i have bought several camp fire vests and gowns off ebay (especially when they are super cheap) but have never seen anything like that in a thrift store. how fantastic! i also wonder why someone would get rid of a vest like that, it seems they were very active with that many patches on it. funny thing is, i didnt know they started wearing vests until just recently. camp fire girls had the vests and girl scouts had the sashes (which i always loved!) it is a very interesting find and i love the sheet as well. i need to hit the thrift shops!

petite gourmand said...

great score!
I would love to find something like that.
makes me wonder where my brownie outfit is now...