Monday, March 30, 2009

we all want to change the world


this weekend, my world was changed.

152 volunteers
670 shrubs
65 trees

a garden


amy h said...

The difference really is amazing. Nice work! It looks like a park now.

BunkleLife said...


this single spark said...


and, omigod, i want green growing things and dirt under my nails!

wish i could have helped out.

Jennie said...

such a lovely accomplishment!

leslie said...

you knocked my socks off tracy!!! wow just doesnt say enough!

petite gourmand said...


I will draw inspiration from this for next year when Lulu starts school.
Every-time we play in the park at her future school I can't help but to notice how badly the school garden could use a little TLC.

Christina said...

all of this work is so inspiring. makes me want to go and connect more with my neighbors and those in my daughters school.