Friday, November 06, 2009



it feels like fall. at least a socal fall. it makes me happy.

we had an amazing violin concert in the school garden this morning. i am in one of those states where all the hard work we put into that place seems worth it. must learn how to hold onto that feeling. the look on those 400 faces while watching elizabeth pitcairn play a selection from bizet's carmen is unforgettable. it makes me happy.

killed time at the nursery yesterday. and have a bunch of plants to get in the ground to prove it. that makes me happy too.

happy friday.


lisa s said...

yay for fall.
a treat to see you house ! so cute [love that egg chair]

krisel keeper said...

You should feel proud. I am grateful to what you do for us...all your friends around you...and our kids. Huge huge hug!