Tuesday, November 10, 2009

not an app

of course my kids are fascinated by all electronic. my eldest has been asking for a cel phone / ds / wii / laptop of her own / etc. for the last year. and the little one echoes her. (though i think she is still about as tech savvy as her mama. i know that won't last long!) we have not conceded. and have no plans to. at least in the near future. we have an old, small television. which requires an antennae to work. a "sensitive" dell laptop (that needs replacing) and an outdated imac. i often hear, "but mom, i'm the only kid that doesn't have..."

and i have an iphone. they love it. (yes. i do too.) i have downloaded a few things for them. boomerang programs. math games. rainbow words. (we are working on our multiplication tables and sight words. i am not a big fan. but it is part of "the system". ahhh public school. a future post. perhaps.) but their favourite thing so far seems to be the clock. they are fascinated with the idea of time zones. we were recently gifted a globe by a favourite neighbour, and i was tickled to find the girls playing with it the other day.

iphone game (but not an app)

a game they devised of finding a country on the globe - then seeing what time it is there. i love it. to paraphrase miss hannah montana - perhaps the best of both worlds?

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krisel keeper said...

love this blog. youre great! Hannah Montana!