Monday, November 09, 2009

monday monday

something is wrong with the hard-drive on my laptop. it sounds salvageable, but for now it is with my favourite computer doctor. leaving me without an easy way to upload pictures. and i have pictures.

we made it to the artemide sidewalk sale. much to the disappointment of my eldest daughter, we purchased three more of these.

on our return home she wrote me a letter:

Mom, The lamps you bought are horendisly (sic) normal. I hate them. You said we were getting new lights and we already have five lights like that.

needless to say i was very impressed by her passion for design. and told her i loved her. and that i was so proud that she was not interested in the "horendisly" normal.

me and e
laptop back! thanks gary! yes yes - i will be better at backing up. and yes, i will start looking for a new machine. promise.

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BunkleLife said...

Have I said "mini you" enough times? ;)
LOVE that story