Sunday, November 01, 2009

::Hallowe'en 09::

hound & fox masks

Inspired by Charley Harper I went for handmade masks this year for David and I. (When I told D I wanted to be a "fox" he had something completely different in mind involving satin shorts and rollerskates. But I think in the end he was happy how these turned out.) They were so much fun to construct. (I miss my sewing machine!)

We had a fabulous Hallowe'en! Biggest neighbourhood parade turn-out to date :: Fantastic Dios de los Muertos neighbourhood party with dear friends :: E's first visit to a "real" haunted house with her Papa, and her bff :: K and I watching Kiki's Delivery Service (I love this movie!) and handing out treats

And can you believe its November?

More Hallowe'en pics here.


Jennie said...

oh the fox went out on a chilly night... (well, warm valley fall eve) - love your costumes!!

Kristina said...

Oh I LOVE these pics!
So, so wonderful ;o)

BunkleLife said...

Masks are brilliant T, as are the girls' costumes!
My fave moment this halloween? giving candy to a pleasantly plump british boy with a lisp who was wearing a slightly too small Scrappy-Doo costume that was pulling up into a classic wedgie at the back. So cute it hurt.