Wednesday, November 18, 2009

bits and bobs

i have posted a few new items in the shop

owl and apple tree

some wonderful vintage cansiters i have been holding onto for a year. trying to find a place for them. my reality is that we don't need them. so there they are. there is also a small group of vintage vera scarves that i will never wear. no matter how hard i might want to. i kept one. and that will be enough for me.

i made this 30 minute chili for dinner the other night. and the girls loved it. jonathan safran foer's book is making me think more about the meat we do eat - and while i don't think we are ready to eliminate it, we certainly are working on cutting back.

i am reading another great book. nothing profound or earthshattering, but written by an lausd teacher i turn to when i need to be inspired about public education. and what it can be. all the while the reality of our public school system - and the cuts looming - are scaring me to death.

i started pilates. (thanks mom.) and am becoming a reformer junky. sad but true.

i am trying to convince myself that the girls' wishes for american girl dolls from santa would be satiated with this. but i think i'm likely kidding myself.

what do you think?


BunkleLife said...

I have just finished Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. Really excellent read - at least I thought so. Great look at the world of food production and the inherent issues with different methods of production (industrial organic included). I am a meat eater - but I try to choose my sources as carefully as possible.

And I know what you mean about the reformer! (though my body appears to be far from reformed at this point.... ;)

krisel keeper said...

Dont think that can replace the American Girls.... I do love the concept behind the dolls tho. Even more so, I love the kind of girls I see when I go to the store. Hummmm.... AG huh?