Monday, March 21, 2011

1 / 7

birthday girl.

moxie turned one on saturday. or seven.
depending on how you look at it.

and now she is the "middle sister". or not.
depending on how you look at it.

it is a topic of ongoing discussion. and the idea that next year she will become the "big sister". and at 7 years she will be older than me. (great math problem solving girls!)

in any case. she is the best dog ever.

her well-planned party was postponed on account of the weather.
we will keep you posted :)


house on hill road said...

happy birthday moxie!
we often have those cat and dog year discussions, too. i love how it confounds and amazes the kids.

BunkleLife said...

Gah! Cutest snaps ever. Happy Birthday Moxie!