Monday, March 28, 2011

homework this weekend

this weekend
the poppies really swung into bloom. did some weeding.

this weekend
attended tomatomania with j. purchased chika; red pear heirlooms; and yellow brandywine varieties. thought about clearing the garden beds - but so loving all the greens gone to seed. the ground is too wet still anyway. should be perfect to plant this weekend.

this weekend
last of the new windows and doors arrived. did a happy dance! (this has been a labour of love. started by d with the kitchen redo in 2006. we are half-way through five years later with custom mulled aluminium windows on the front-side of the house. the original windows were wood framed bottoms with aluminium tops. cheap and easy off-the-shelf circa 1955. we said no-way to vinyl. so glad. these are beautiful. so excited to be finishing this project up.)


C said...

funny how things that are good in la are not good here. have aluminum window in the kitchen and it is the worst!!! totally can't handle the cold. we said no way to pvc as well and went with fiberglass.

and my poppies are still tucked under the snow dreaming of warmer days!

Tracy said...

indeed! where are you c? i grew up in central canada and we never would have gone for Al windows! I had to Google fiberglass :) They look lovely!