Tuesday, March 15, 2011

how to green a schoolyard. step 1*

tear out acres of asphalt.  ACRES!  you can do this by hand with a committed and crazy group of friends and neighbors or you can contract someone else to do it.  or you can - as we did - do a combination of both.

how to green a schoolyard

how to green a schoolyard

it is extremely satisfying!

how to green a schoolyard

*in all honesty this is more like step 101.

but i am tired of the money raising and hoop jumping and placating and bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo that got us here.  along with that went some really wonderful brainstorming sessions.  community building.  and the kind of work that makes you smile so much your face hurts.  it has been a wonderful learning experience in ways i never imagined.  and have i mentioned how this couldn't have happened without my amazing neighbors and how much i love them?   yes you have heard it before...

but i like beginnings.  so i like the idea of starting again.  at 1.

more (lots more) to come.


Dina said...

Oh gosh... I'm advocating for community gardens in one of the most underserved neighborhoods in our city. Some areas with asphalt others on old vacant lots. Whew! My work is cut out for me.

Here's to sustainability!

rebecca said...

great for you guys! so much asphalt/blacktop at your school! this garden - just like all the work you've already done - is going to be fantastic! hey, any of those "your" palm trees in the background? (you know, the one's you document on occasion.)