Sunday, March 13, 2011

field trip

Micheltorena School Garden
Micheltorena School Garden
Micheltorena School Garden

visited this inspiring garden at micheltorena elementary school on saturday. so amazing to have witnessed its transformation from parking lot to garden in a few short months - and to have worked alongside this amazing community. apples and cucumbers grow along sunset blvd.

we break ground on our own school garden this week. it has been such a process. i have learned so very much. i can not wait to see that first piece of asphalt carted away!

(thinking about community and neighborhoods - found this great image - and installed it in the kitchen this weekend.)

(thinking about community and neighborhoods and the devastation in japan.  we edit the media very carefully in this house.  but we have been watching this unfold.  thoughts and prayers.  inspiration from ruth reichl via molly:  "So eat a good breakfast. Be grateful for what you’ve got. Enjoy the sunshine while you've got it.  Then go out and save the world. ")


Anonymous said...

so inspiring! way to go on fulfilling a dream...your community is lucky to have you.


rebecca said...

that will be so rewarding. (seeing the asphalt transform into a garden.) looking forward to your report!

i'm sure calder would love to come help with the heavy equipment!