Monday, March 28, 2011

let the sunshine in

no doubt i love the rain.


but yellow-orange thrifted napkins
and california poppies taking over our front yard
make me happy too.


oh shari how i love your manifesto!

and while i really am much more of an autumn girl, spring is built for new beginnings, so here we go:

spring manifesto 2011

i will open the windows wide and breathe deeply.

i will thrift the perfect jar for sun tea.

i will join my girls and go barefoot for the walk home.

i will perfect my jumprope skills.

i will worry less.

i will set the dining room table with the "good dishes" every sunday.

i will stargaze on a blanket in the backyard with my love.

i will take my coffee outside.

i will find the beauty in each day. and count my blessings.

a little late.... but happy spring!


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I haven't walked home barefoot in so long... Enjoy your stargazing : )

shari said...

love! the poppies are so beautiful, too. i think i'm going to look for a sun tea jar as well. xox