Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy dads' day

d is home. we are all so very grateful. and humbled by this experience. the hospital can be a scary place. and one's health can deteriorate quickly. a reminder to take it easy. and enjoy every moment. and just in time to celebrate fathers' day.


fathers' day is always bitter-sweet for me.

i love the joy in watching d's relationship with the girls.

and i miss the amazing relationship i had with my own dad.

wishing all the amazing dads i know (and those i don't!) a wonderful wonderful day.


this single spark said...

haven't check in for a few days because i've been knocked down with bronchitis and a horrible head cold. so glad to hear that d is home and on the mend. definitely scary how ordinary things can turn bad so quickly. virtual hugs to you all (which is better than real hugs at the moment because i'm germy).

Tracy said...

thanks c xo virtual hugs back... and hope that you are feeling better soon!

Mama Urchin said...

I'm so glad d made it home for Father's Day. I agree that hospitals are scary and not the place you want to spend a holiday.