Monday, June 13, 2011

wonder full.

our weekend was full. 3 birthdays to celebrate. a game of mini-golf. and some work in the school garden.

of course the highlight was celebrating the 7 yrs of my baby-girl. she and d concocted a back-yard obstacle course over a year ago (inspired by stumbling on this article in one of my saved MS Kids - which on closer inspection is older than she is!  just can't part with these...) and were finally able to put it into action. it included "the sombrero slalom" (navigating a slalom course with a water-balloon laden sombrero); balloon tunnel; and-hula-hoop-bunny-jump. and a lot of water features :)

hula hoop hop

and there was cake. this one. (yummy!) my first attempt at italian meringue buttercream. (a success!) with lots of sprinkles. and because the birthday girl isn't fond of cake - cookies as well. so good. shortbread from this book. (which never steers me wrong.) snapped up before I could take a picture. but you can imagine pink "7"s and stars


recouping today - and cleaning up the mess!

happy monday!

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